Western Horse Company Ltd.

NC01 Nylon Cord Cavasson

To me a cavasson is an essential piece of equipment every horseperson should have in their tool box. Our white nylon cord cavasson has 3 noseband adjustments to fit just about any horse. This handy piece of equipment is sure enough a top seller!

Note: A cavasson goes under the bridle and used to prevent the horse from gaping it's mouth and evading bit pressure or to help keep a colt from getting their tongue over the bit. The crown strap should be adjusted so the cavasson hangs mid-point between the jaw and the bit and the noseband should be adjusted so it is snug but not over tight. When putting it on a young horse the first several times I leave at least a full finger's width between the noseband and the jaw so the colt doesn't feel trapped by it. Always remember to loosen the noseband before putting it on your horse and re-adjust it only after the bit is comfortably in it's mouth.