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Cinches and Latigos


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Makers of neoprene and felt cinches claim their products are designed for the horse's comfort and will eliminate sores and galling, I've found the exact opposite to be true. Neoprene cleans and dries easily but also traps heat and sweat against the horse's body and doesn't allow the animal's skin and hair to dry under it. Felt cinches are hard to clean and don't breathe as well as a mohair cinch. Both neoprene and felt can bunch the skin and pull at the horse's hair causing discomfort especially on winter coats. I've tried them all but have found nothing that provides the comfort and cleanliness of mohair.

We make all of our latigos and half-breed off billets from firm, tight-fibered Herman Oak burgundy latigo leather. We hand edge, lightly oil, then hand buff and polish each one for that smooth, soft, slick feel our Western Horse Company leather goods are known for.