Western Horse Company Ltd.

ALPM24 Alpaca Mecate

Our 1/2" diameter, 6-strand Alpaca mecates are truly functional works of art. Each one is fully handcrafted from start to finish and once you feel them you'll never want to go back to a horse hair mecate.

Alpaca is a unique fiber that is incredibly soft, yet very strong and durable and is naturally water repellant and hypoallergenic. It's a very smooth fiber, making it less likely to pick up the burrs, sawdust, etc.....you're sure to encounter around the barn, in the trailer or on the trail.

We have our Alpaca mecates made with a light core inside which makes them a slightly stiffer mecate. This gives the rider a very subtle pickup and release on the bosal or snaffle bit and a pretty drape to the rein. Especially nice for the show pen!

ALPM024 colors; rust/ sand/ black