Western Horse Company Ltd.

RR60 60' Ranch Rope

Every pickup in cow country should have one of our braided nylon ranch ropes in it. Folks always comment on how soft they are but don't be fooled. It has a lot of body so the loop stays open, helping you make those heel shots in the branding pen and plenty of weight in the tip for pasture roping under windy conditions. Since it's not a twisted rope like the traditional 3 and 4-strand ropes team ropers use, it has less kinks or coil memory in it lessening the chance of getting fouled in your own rope and can be coiled for "righties" or "lefties". The perfect rope for beginners and novice ropers to practice with and it's ideal for ranch horse or ranch versatility classes. 

Note: This is a really fast rope so unless you're an experienced roper I would recommend using it on lighter weight cattle, 6-7 weights or under. 

This is the 60' version of my braided ranch rope but if you want something a bit shorter, check out my 35 and 45 footers.