Western Horse Company Ltd.

RM01 Harness Leather Running Martingale

The Western Horse Company running martingale is great for encouraging a young horse to maintain proper head position. Our martingale is made of premium Herman Oak Old World Harness Leather with all stainless steel hardware and the wither strap, cinch strap and rein straps are fully adjustable. Shown with a pair of my heavy weighted 5/8" reins. The reins aren't included in the price but may be purchased seperately from our Rein Collection. A running martingale is intended to be used with a snaffle bit and should always be used with Western Horse Company rein stops ( item number RS01) as shown.

Note: A martingale is meant to encourage proper head carriage and should never be used to trap or intimidate the horse. When adjusted properly, the head should be carried in a position that is natural for that individual while discouraging the horse from raising or throwing its head above the natural position. A martingale is very useful tool when used properly but like all training equipment, should only be used until the desired result is achieved.