Western Horse Company Ltd.

16" Don Rich Cutter. SOLD!

Sold! Thanks to Diana Payte of Bellevue Colorado for her purchase. Here is a new 16" Don Rich Cutter. It comes with genuine wool fleece, pre-turned stirrup leathers and fenders, wood stirrups and just look at that fabulous floral tooling. Retail price is $3250 but cash and carry price with no trade is just $2850.

I looked long and hard for a new saddle line that I felt would complement my handmade leather goods. I found it in Don Rich Custom Saddles. The quality and workmanship is great, they look fantastic and ride like a dream as many professional riders are finding. Whether you ride cowhorses, cut, ranch rope or simply trail ride to relax, we have a new Don Rich to satisfy your needs. And they're perfect for the new Ranch Western Pleasure classes!