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Blankets and Pads


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There's nothing as sharp looking under a saddle as a classic wool blanket from Western Horse Company. Why wool? That's easy. Wool wicks away moisture and dissipates heat better than any other material available bar none. Synthetics do just the opposite, trapping heat and sweat against the horse's body, actually increasing the chances of galling and sores. And few materials can compare to wool when it comes to reducing and spreading pressure evenly over your horse's back. I've tried just about every material on the market but nothing keeps my horses as cool and comfortable as my wool blankets and wool pad combos. We stock a wide array of colors and patterns to complement just about any horse and rider. Please note! Saddle blankets and pads cannot fix a poorly made or ill fitting saddle. Purchasing quality saddles and blankets that fit properly are a good investment. Your horse will thank you and your riding experience will be more enjoyable.